Easy Homemade Pithe Puli Recipes

pithe puli recipes

Easy Pithe Puli Recipes Puli pitha is definitely on the list of almost everyone’s favorite pitha. There are different types of puli pitha which are mixed with different ingredients by frying or boiling in oil. Similarly, this article is about the recipe of bahari puli pitha with coconut tiler puli, Dudh Puli, seddha puli, muger puli.  Delicious puli pitha Winter is coming. And this winter is the festival of pithe puli. There are many urbanites who like to eat puli …

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Simple And Easy Chitoi Pitha Recipe

easy chitoi pitha recipe

Easy Chitoi Pitha Recipe No matter how easy it seems to make chitoi pitha, if you don’t know the perfect and easy chitoi pitha recipe, the pitha will not work completely. Everyone knows the recipe for chitoi pitha. Many may have tried many times. But what makes your chitoi is as soft as perfect pitha, swollen and delicious. But today, you can learn a perfect easy chitoi pitha through my article. So let’s know the recipe for making soft, easy, …

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Delicious & Easy Coconut Pitha Recipe

coconut pitha recipe

Coconut Pitha Recipe Who doesn’t like to eat pitha? And if that pitha is made with coconut, then there are no more words! I’m going to show you how to make the coconut pitha recipe at home. The taste of the pitha made with coconut beats everything. Puli is very popular among various coconut pithas. The value of the coconut puli pitha has not decreased even today. Find out the recipe for making coconut puli pitha. Crispy perfect coconut pitha How …

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Homemade Khejur Gurer Patishapta Recipe

gurer patishapta recipe

Gurer Patishapta Recipe Gurer patishapta recipe is a very familiar name to us. Like all other pithas, It has different rules that can be made. Many people complain that the pitha is hard or broken, that is what I am showing here.  The pitha will be as juicy as it’ll be fluffy. I hope everyone likes the recipe. Gurer patishapta How to Make Khejur Gurer Patishapta Okay, guys, it’s very easy to make. At this time we know the ingredients …

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