Easy Channar Payesh Recipe

channar payesh recipe

Channar Payesh Recipe Channar payesh or payesh carries the tradition of food in the food list of Bengalis in organizing festivals. Weddings, birthdays, hospitality, everywhere, the dignity of payesh is always above all. This ideal food made from milk and sugar is liked by everyone. So fragrant payesh with flavor can take place in your today’s menu. Let’s find out how to make this recipe at home. Perfect channar payesh How to Make Channar Payesh So now we go to …

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Best And Easy Khejur Gurer Payesh Recipe

khejur gurer payesh recipe

khejur Gurer Payesh Recipe Khejur gurer payesh recipe is one of the most popular desserts. And at this time of winter, it doesn’t feel good if you don’t have different types of pithas as well as gurer payesh. You can easily make this delicious khejur gurer payesh. And the sweet smell of food cooked with khejur gur seems to mesmerize the mind. I came up with such a recipe today. This is the payesh of khejur gur. If you want, …

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