Tasty & Simple Chicken Khichuri Recipe 

chicken khichuri recipe

Chicken Khichuri Recipe Chicken khichuri is a popular Bengali dish, and if the chicken is added then there is no question. Today we have a Chicken Khichuri recipe for you. If it rains on a wet afternoon, the Bengalis don’t want anything else. And the biggest quality of khichuri is that it is as good to eat as it is healthy and delicious. Fantastic chicken khichuri Chicken Khichuri is a great balance of protein and carbohydrates. This delicious dish is …

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Easy Bengali Chicken Roast Recipe

bengali chicken roast

Bengali Chicken Roast Recipe Many people think that Bengali chicken, roast needs a lot of spices or ingredients to make at home. Some people do not want to make roast at home without ready-made spices in the shop. Today’s event for them. In this recipe, you’ll find some easy ways to make roast which you can make with a few ingredients at home. Perfect chicken roast How to Make Chicken Roast You don’t have to bother marinating the meat separately to …

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