Gurer Patishapta Recipe

Gurer patishapta recipe is a very familiar name to us. Like all other pithas, It has different rules that can be made. Many people complain that the pitha is hard or broken, that is what I am showing here.  The pitha will be as juicy as it’ll be fluffy. I hope everyone likes the recipe.

gurer patishapta recipe
Gurer patishapta

Okay, guys, it’s very easy to make. At this time we know the ingredients in this recipe. So let’s know that.

Ingredients of Gurer Patishapta Pitha Recipe

It takes to make khirsa

  • 1 Kg of liquid milk.
  • 1 Cup of khejur gur (you can melt it with a little hot water if you want).
  •  2-3 Tablespoons powdered milk (even if not given).
  • 1 Tablespoon rice powder.
  • 2-3 Tablespoons crushed coconut
  • 1/2 Teaspoon cardamom powder.

Patisapta will need bread or ruti:

  • 2 Cups of atap rice powder
  • 1 Cup of flour
  • 1 Cup of khejur gur
  • Oil (for quantity) for making bread or ruti.
  • Light hot water (for quantity)

Instructions of Khejur Gurer Patishapta

Now we’ll learn the recipe through a few steps.


Step : 01 from this patishapta pitha

  • First, you have to make khirsa for pur. For this, thickening the milk in a container has to do. When the milk is halved, the powdered milk, rice powder, crushed coconut & cardamom powder reduce the heat of the stove to 3-4 minutes. Mix well with khejur gur and stir constantly. Care must be taken so that the bottom of the pot doesn’t stick. When it becomes dark, it should be taken down and cooled down.

Step : 02 from this patishapta recipe

  • Now in a bowl, add rice powder, flour, gur. Mix together and heat, the light water little by little makes a thick batter with water. Cover and leave for 15-20 minutes. It should be noted that the batter is medium is thin.

  • Now heat the frying pan over medium heat in the oven, brush with a tablespoon of oil. Quickly grab the handle of the pan with the help of batter. Turns out the batter is like thin bread. Covered with khirsa on one side after some time. Carefully roll with a spatula will be. In this way, brush the oil in the pan every time. It has to be made into every pitha. Became our great delicious khejur gurer patishapta pitha.

So in this way, you can easily make this recipe.


History of Patishapta Pitha

Patishapta, the king of pithas. The tradition of pitha-puli is very ancient in Bengali folk history. It is an expression of folk and aesthetic culture. Pithas are commonly known as winter food. Patishapta is now one of the few types of pithas available in sweet shops. Although the pitha is known as a winter food, it is now seen throughout the year in various sweet shops in the state.

Patishapta is usually made with rice powder, milk, malai, khejur gur, coconut, etc. There are different types of this delicious pitha. Such as egg patishapta, milk patishapta, channar patishapta, etc. Each patishapta has a different taste. So it is a good idea to have a pair of patishapta to eat or entertain guests.

Patishapta Pitha

Patishapta is a Bengali pitha recipe and traditional pancake or pitha. Patishapta Bengali is a popular sweet national pitha. This is a special festival of Poush Sankranti, the festival of the rice harvest in rural Bengal, where various kinds of pithas are celebrated as festivals.

This popular gurer patishapta pitha is made using fresh rice, coconut, khejur gur, milk, khir, etc. The process of making Patishapta. Patishapta is very simple and can be done quickly in 30 minutes. This wonderful Patishapta, Patishapta pitha is a simple dessert recipe from Bangladesh and India.

Why Eat Khejur Gurer Patishapta

Whether it is winter or Eid, I want to have delicious pithas in all the big and small festivals. Patisapta pitha is one of the most popular pithas available in the country. Various fairs, even pitha puli fairs are organized in this country. This is one of the most delicious Patishapta pithas in the world. You can easily make this wonderful pitha at any time. This pitha is very healthy for us. And taste is very tasty.

Nutrition of Khejur Gurer Patishapta Recipe

The first of the ingredients are liquid milk. It contains calories, water, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, and fat. These are very important for our body. So all this nutrition we found in this patishapta.

Patishapta contains a lot of calories. And it also contains protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, cholesterol, vitamins, and minerals. So guys this pitha is also nutritious for our body. 


Everyone like to eat this pitha. Specially Bengali people very much love this pitha. It’s much easier to make. You can make this pitha at any time. So guys you try to make this pitha at home.

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