Easy Chitoi Pitha Recipe

No matter how easy it seems to make chitoi pitha, if you don’t know the perfect and easy chitoi pitha recipe, the pitha will not work completely. Everyone knows the recipe for chitoi pitha. Many may have tried many times.

But what makes your chitoi is as soft as perfect pitha, swollen and delicious. But today, you can learn a perfect easy chitoi pitha through my article. So let’s know the recipe for making soft, easy, chitoi pitha.

easy chitoi pitha recipe
Simple and easy chitoi pitha recipe

Pithapuli is a traditional Bengali food. Its taste, the way it is made, has the imprint of our own tradition. Although pitha can be eaten in all seasons, its taste increases many times in winter. Whether it is hot chitoi or vapa in the village yard in the morning dew-soaked environment or sweet patisapta or puli in the soft light of the afternoon, all the pithas are unique in their own taste.

In this time we know the ingredients in this recipe.

Ingredients of Chitoi Pitha Recipe

  • 1 cup of rice powder
  • 2 teaspoons of oil
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • Salt to taste

Instructions of Chitoi Pitha Recipe

I’ll give some steps below. Okay, so let’s go ahead.

Step 01 : From this easy chitoi pitha

  • Take rice powder in a bowl and mix it with salt and a cup of warm water to taste and mix well by hand. Leave it like this for 10 to 15 minutes, so that the rice powder becomes a little soft. After 15 minutes, mix water again and apply by hand. After all the rice powder is melted, it should be broken a little. It’s very important to inflate the dough in order to make chitoi pitha.

Step 02 : From this pitha recipe

  • If it bursts well, there will be bubbles inside the pitha and it will swell. The chitoi pitha will get wet very well and will remain soft. Then put the stove on medium heat and heat the mold. When the mold is hot, cover it with a lump of pitha and then cover it with a lid and wait for four to five minutes. After removing the lid, this delicious pitha will be made. Now serve with all kinds of various sauces.

Why Eat Chitoi Pitha

This pitha has many good qualities as it is delicious to eat. So this time we know the good qualities of this chitoi pitha recipe. Okay, let’s go ahead.

Nutrition of Chitoi Pitha

Different types of rice powder are used in pithas. It contains about 90 percent sugar, 8 percent protein, and 2 percent fat. Chitoi pitha is rich in carbohydrates, which provide energy for our body to work. This pitha is made in high heat so all the germs die. This pitha meets the energy needs of the body with the presence of more sugar. Atap or white rice powder acts as a very good source of magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, etc.

Tasteful Side of Easy Chitoi Pitha Recipe

Who doesn’t like to taste hot chitoi pitha with various fillings in this cold winter? Many people do not want to make chitoi pitha at home for fear of grinding rice on the stone. It is better to buy and eat from the market. But with a little effort, you can make a soft chitoi pitha while sitting at home. You can’t imagine how delicious it tastes.


I showed you the above how to make this recipe. If you follow my steps, try this recipe at home. You’ll eat this pitha once in winter. This pitha testes like to be just fantastic. So guys you make this recipe in your home.

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