The Best Tom Yum Soup Recipe

This is one of the easiest and coolest soup recipes I’ve ever made. So this tom yum soup recipe I will show today how to make. We all like Chinese food more or less, but most of the time we go to Chinese restaurants and order Thai soup. But you know what? Tom-yam soup is one of the funniest and healthiest of all Thai soups. You can try this soup at home in our recipe. This soup can be eaten as an afternoon or dinner for you and your sweethearts.

the best tom yum soup recipe
Fantastic tom yum soup recipe

Prep time: 30 mins    Cook time: 30 mins   Total time: 1 hr

Course: Snack   Cuisine: American   Servings: 2

Keyword: the best tom yum soup recipe

I’m going to show you how easy it’s to make. So let’s start the recipe

Ingredients of Tom Yum Soup

  • 350 gm medium sized shrimp
  • 4 Cups of water
  • 2 stalks lemongrass, bottom half only
  • 10 pc galangal
  • 6 kaffir lime leaves
  • Thai chilies to taste
  • 1/2 Cup evaporated milk
  • 3/4 Cups oyster mushrooms or another mushroom
  • 1/4 Cup Thai chili paste
  • 3 Tablespoon fish sauce
  • 1/4 Cup lime juice
  • Chopped coriander
  • Jasmine rice for serving

Instructions of Tom Yum Soup Recipe

the best tom yum soup recipe
Delicious and tasty tom yum soup

Okay go ahead guys.

Step 01 : From this tom yum soup

  • So when making thumbnail you got a really paid attention your shrimp. So I always use on head-on shell on shrimp because all this like orange stuff in the shrimp head that is good scrimpy flavor that shrimp tamale. Basically i call it shrimp for grow and that’s going to go into our broth and it’s going  add so much flavor and Crispiness and the shell. In this easy tom yum soup recipe we’ll also use to they the shrimp stock which would be the base for the soup.
  • Now what you want to do with this? Is you want to first take off the head and you just grab it and twist and the head will come off easily throw that into your stockpot. Now I want to show you a little trick for deveining shrimp without having to cut the back open and you can do this before or after you peel the shrimp and you can usually see a vein a with and they take the toothpick.

Step 02 : From this soup recipe

  • Anyway guys and then once you’re done that you just peel the shrimp okay in the pot, in this tom yum soup recipe here and I want to start by just  Sautéing the shrimp throw the shell into your stockpot. All right so I’ve got my shrimp in the pot here and I want to start by just peel the shrimp. So you want to cook it until all the residual water evaporates and then you start to notice that the shrimp tamales starting to stick to the pot and I want to get that’s a little bit caramelized guys.
  • Get the shrimp fat a little toasty. I find it as a nice flavor to it. In this tom yum soup recipe I’m starting to get some nice browning of the shrimp stock of the shrimp tamale. Thai barbecue shrimp right now.
  • Yes, so now I’m going to declass this with water and the I’m going to lemongrass. I just want to use the bottom half. This is where the flavor is strong. This is where the flavor is weak. I save this part for stock but if you’re not going save it for anything you can just throw it in bang this so it’s crushed. So that way the aromatic juices come out and you can use the back of the knife or if you’ve got a more than pestle handy.

Step 03 : From this recipe

  • In this the best tom yum soup recipe you can use the pestle as well, which is little more effective and now you’ve released aroma from the cells the galangal so this is what galangal looks like awesome. I like pine. I mean like a pine forest after the rain is what you can throw ginger in there. But you’ll end up with something that tastes very different. It’s not going to be bad. 
  • It’s just not going to be Thombiano okay so just remember that. And finally we’ve kefir lime leaves or by macro. I don’t think I’ve ever referred to it in time. But there we go by macro and you just want to give them a rough tear to allow the aroma to come out. If you don’t have kefir lime leaves, they do sell them dry and frozen which you can use.
  • If you’re using dry make sure you use more of it okay so for the chilies, I’m just going to give them a quick pound just so that I don’t have any big chunks of people are going accidentally eat. You can also just finally chop it. And I’m just using in this tom yum soup recipe two because I’m feeding this to Adam and you know I don’t want to make it too.

Step 04 : From this tom yum soup recipe

  • That’s where all the flavor is and now in this tom yum soup recipe I’m going to fish out all the shrimp. And all the herbs to go in all of these again guys. You’ll not eat the really tough and chewy for infusion purposes only so you can’t leave it in. That’s what traditionally do but if you want to make it easy for people to eat it, you can fish it out after they’re done simmering okay.
  • And so they’re going to take five minutes. I also want to add my chilies right now but what I’m going to do this. I’m going to rinse my mortar with this broth. So I make sure I get all of the chili bits out spicy juices okay. I’m going to remove to some of this herbs, not all of it because I do like to have it around just as a visual representation of the flvors that I’m in here.
  • But it can be little cluttered. In this the best tom yum soup recipe so now the part that’s going to make this soup. Traditionally we don’t use dairy in our cuisine at all and you know that I rarely dairy in my cooking but it’s become sort of a trendy thing these days to use evaporated milk as a creamy agent. 

Step 05 : From this soup

  • You can also do coconut milk will add a coconut flavor which then sort of turned it into something a little different that maybe something you prefer but evaporated milk. I find at some neutral creaminess. It doesn’t end up tasting milky al all and it’s just immediately turns creamy creamy orange. I always some sort of mushrooms in it traditionally. It’s usually straw mushrooms.
  • I can’t get straw mushrooms here, mushrooms or shimmery mushrooms are which are still really good like there’s nothing wrong with these. I just personally prefer oyster are straw. In this tom yum soup recipe now I’m just going to let this cook for about five minutes, so while the mushrooms are cooking away. You’re so will be delicious but it will be something pretty different like it’ll be a very light and easy to drink kind of soup, where’s this just as a boom, like a punch of flavor.
  • There are many other types of thumb yum that doesn’t use chili paste so you’re not wrong, but if you’re going to do add a little bit of sugar to balance the salt and the acid because this chili paste is quite sweet al right now the mushrooms look done.

Step 06 : From this tom yum soup

  • In this tom yum soup recipe I’m going to add the fish sauce and the chili paste so here’s the chili paste so here’s the chili paste what it looks like out of the jar al right. I’m adding quite a bit so as I said it’s a major flavor component so do your best to make it or make it. It’s actually not that hard to stir that in and let all of that dissolve now. At this point, it’s going to smell pretty milky and you might be freaked out like oh my God.
  • It’s so milky do not worry that milkiness kind of strange reason that looks so good or what who look at that al right. So now the shrimp are going to in and shrimp take so little time so really like 30 seconds for shrimp this size in this hot broth is more than enough and that is almost done. So I’m going to turn this off and then we’re still missing a key ingredients that is lime juice. But I want to wait for it to just cool down a little just so it’s not boiling or simmering because I find that because there’s milk in here.

Step 07 : From the tom yum soup recipe

  • If I add the lime directly and while it’s boiling hot it curdles. It’s going to curdle anyway, but I find that if you let it cool the it curdles less. In this tom yum soup recipe I’m going to stir in the lime and I also find that if I’m stirring while I’m adding the lime juice. 

So guys our tom yum yum soup is perfectly done. And that is how to make perfect tom yum soup.

Why Eat Tom Yum soup

the best tom yum soup recipe

Guys It’s very  tasty and delicious. This soup also very helpful for our health. This tom yum soup is also my favorite recipe. And it is also my easiest recipe. This soup are very helpful and beneficial for our body guys. It has a nutritional aspects and flavorful aspects. So let’s know those aspects.

Nutrition of Tom Yum Soup

We look at the ingredients first of all has a shrimp. So guys let’s know nutrition of shrimp. Shrimp contains lot of potassium. It also contains calories, sodium, fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron. This shrimps are very beneficial for us. These are the nutrients that shrimp contain.

And this time we know the nutrition of mushrooms. Mushrooms contains lot of potassium. It also contains carbohydrate, sodium, protein, fat, iron, calcium, magnesium. So guys all this we get in the best tom yum soup recipe. This very helpful for us. This tom yum soup is very beneficial for our body.

Tasteful Side of Tom Yum Soup

the best tom yum soup recipe

Guys it’s very tasty and delicious. After eating this soup, your mind will fly away. Kids prefer to eat this soup.


Guys I hope you’ll like this tom yum soup recipe so much. You can make recipe at home from reading my article. If you reading my article you can make this recipe at home very easily. So guys you try this recipe at home

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