khejur Gurer Payesh Recipe

Khejur gurer payesh recipe is one of the most popular desserts. And at this time of winter, it doesn’t feel good if you don’t have different types of pithas as well as gurer payesh.

You can easily make this delicious khejur gurer payesh. And the sweet smell of food cooked with khejur gur seems to mesmerize the mind. I came up with such a recipe today. This is the payesh of khejur gur. If you want, you can easily make delicious food at home.

khejur gurer payesh recipe
Classical khejur gurer payesh

This payesh is very much easier to make. Okay, this time we know the ingredients in this gurer payesh recipe.

Ingredients of Khejur Gurer Payesh

  • 1 Liter milk
  • Rice 50 gram
  • Khejur gur 150 gram
  • Salt to taste
  • Almonds 20 grams
  • 10 grams of dried and soaked raisins
  • Ghee 10 grams.

Instructions of Khejur Gurer Payesh Recipe

Okay guys so let’s go ahead and get started.

Step 01 : From this delicious payesh recipe

  • Soak the rice in water for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, stir in the rice and spread on the dry. Coat the soaked rice with 1/4 teaspoon ghee and keep aside. Heat ghee in a pan and fry over medium heat till the almond are golden. Boil the milk over medium heat. Then reduce the heat of the milk. Stir regularly so that the milk does not hold in the pan.



Step 02 : From this khejur gurer pyesh recipe

  • Add ghee-coated rice to the milk and cook on low heat till the rice is completely cooked. It should be slightly softened, as the rice will harden when the payesh is cold. Now it’s time to add gur. The rice should be cooked thoroughly as it no longer cooks after adding gur. Now turn off the heat and add a little salt, soaked raisins, and fried cashew nuts. Let the gur melt completely. Serve hot or cold with khejur gurer payesh.

Why Eat Gurer Payesh

khejur gurer payesh recipe

Do you know how much khejur gur is good for us? It is delicious and very tasty to eat.

Nutrition of Khejur Gur

If you eat a little gur after eating every day, then digestion will be faster. Gur increases the strength of enzymes that help our digestion.

If you eat a little khejur gur after eating every day, then digestion will be faster. Gur increases the strength of enzymes that help our digestion. Iron deficiency in the body leads to deficiency of hemoglobin, and which causes various problems. This gur contains a lot of iron. Eating a small amount of gur every day can reduce iron deficiency in the body.

Carbohydrate food in our body sugar provides energy. And But this energy often increases the amount of blood sugar in our body and increases the pressure on the kidneys, eyes, and blood. Eating gur can reduce this problem. Because gur takes some time to mix with blood. 

Tasteful Side of Khejur Gur

If khejur gur is given in the payesh. Then its taste changes. In winter, the taste of khejur is like honey to Bengalis. Nothing to say about the taste of this khejur gurer payesh. Its taste is just amazing.


In this way, you can easily make this payesh at home. So you try this payesh in your home. I hope you’re going to love this khejur gurer payesh recipe.


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